Prof. Dr. Joachim Kügler

Hosting AvH Scholars at the Chair for New Testament Studies (University of Bamberg)

  • 2017 February-July 2018
    Dr. Rosinah Gabaitse (Botswana),

    Post-doc fellow in Bamberg          

  • 2016 June-August + Dezember-February 2017:
    Prof. Dr. Ezra Chitando (Zimbabwe) in Bamberg
Highranking Georg Forster Research Award for Professor Ezra Chitando , a leading international scholar in Religious studies.

Professor Chitando is an international authority in the study of the role of religions in the process of societal changes in contemporary Africa. He developed a strategy to transform religious studies into an 'embedded', context-sensitive branch of humanities, and contributed in creating a new way of religious studies which combines an analysis "sine ira et studio" with the post-colonial dynamics of remodelling religious traditions in the context of contemporary challenges. His focus is especially on the impact of Africa's religions (christianities, Islamic movements, and African traditional religions) on the struggle against HIV/AIDS and the deep changes of gender concepts. During his time in Germany he will continue with his research on the specific role of the Bible in the contemporary process of developing "redemptive masculinities".

  • 2014 July: Humboldt-Kolleg "The Bible and Violence in Africa" in Windhoek (Namibia)

  • 2013 August-September: Prof. Dr. Johannes HUNTER (Namibia) in Bamberg
For short time of intensive research our colleague from Namibia will come to Bamberg University.
  • 2011 October - 2013 September: Dr. Masiiwa R. GUNDA (Zimbabwe) in Bamberg

After working for one year at his home university in Harare, Dr Gunda will come back to Bamberg for a Post-doc project funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

  • 2011 January-July: Prof. Dr. Musa DUBE (Botswana) in Bamberg

Highranking Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award 2010 for Professor Musa Wenkosi Dube, a leading international scholar in Biblical studies.

Prof. Dube has made groundbreaking contributions in feminist-postcolonial Biblical studies and reading the Bible in the context of HIV/AIDS. In her multiperspective approach she has developed new ways to gain a humanistic and liberative potential of Biblical interpretation beyond "africanism". Professor Dr. Dube was granted a Bessel Research Award by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. This award implies a longer research work in Germany. In Germany, Professor Dube - generally recognised for her unexplored and sometimes surprising paths towards reading the Bible - focuses on a scientific critique of "superstitious reading" which plays an important socio-political role in african societies of today. She does her research in close cooperation with the international team of Bible in Africa Studies (BiAS) located in Bamberg, Gaborone and Harare. During her stay in Germany Prof. Dr. Dube is hosted by Prof. Dr. Joachim Kügler at the University of Bamberg.