Prof. Dr. Joachim Kügler
Bible in Africa Studies       BiASVolumes

BiAS 20: The Bible and Violence in Africa. Papers presented at the BiAS meeting 2014 in Windhoek (Namibia), with some additional contributions / Ed. by Johannes Hunter and Joachim Kügler, Bamberg: UBP 2016. ISBN: 978-3-86309-393-8

19: Offering the Gospel ADAPANON : An interpretation and application of 1 Corinthians 9:18 / by Johannes M. Wessels / Ed. and provided with a foreword by Joachim Kügler, Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2015

BiAS 18: On the Public Role of the Bible in Zimbabwe. Unpacking Banana’s “re-writing” call for a socially and contextually relevant Biblical Studies / by Masiiwa Ragies Gunda, Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2015

BiAS 17: The Bible and Children in Africa / Lovemore Togarasei & Joachim Kügler (eds.), Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2014

BiAS 16: Analysing the Frames of a Bible : The Case of the Setswana Translations of the Book of Ruth / by Sidney K. Berman, Bamberg: Univ. of Bamberg Press, 2014

/ ERA 1: Ezra Chitando, Masiiwa Ragies Gunda & Joachim Kügler (eds.), Multiplying in the Spirit. African Initiated Churches in Zimbabwe, Bamberg: UBP 2014

14: Joachim Kügler (ed.),
BEYOND MAKING MONEY. The Prophetic Songs of Paul Dzampah from Ghana. Edition, Introduction, and Annotations, Bamberg: UBP 2014 (free download)

BiAS 13: Nisbert Taisekwa TARINGA:
Towards an African-Christian Environmental Ethic, Bamberg: UBP 2014

BiAS 12:  PROPHETS, PROFITS AND THE BIBLE IN ZIMBABWE. Festschrift for AYNOS MASOTCHA MOYO, edited by Ezra Chitando, Masiiwa Ragies Gunda & Joachim Kügler,  Bamberg: UBP 2013

Justino ALFREDO:


Obvious VENGEYI: Aluta continua biblical hermeneutics for liberation : interpreting biblical texts on slavery for liberation of Zimbabwean underclasses, Bamberg: UBP 2013

BiAS 9:
Mussa S. MUNEJA, HIV/AIDS and the Bible in Tanzania : A Contextual Re-reading of 2 Samuel 13:1-14:33, Bamberg: UBP 2012 | ISBN 978-3-86309-115-6 | 17,00 €

BiAS 8:
Francis MACHINGURA: The Messianic Feeding of the Masses: An Analysis of John 6 in the Context of Messianic Leadership in Post-Colonial Zimbabwe

Please note: This book is available also in an easy download version (= without appendix):
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BiAS 7:

Masiiwa Ragies GUNDA/ Joachim KÜGLER (Ed.), The Bible and Politics in Africa

BiAS 6:
Canisius MWANDAYI:
Death and After-life Rituals in the eyes of the Shona : Dialogue with Shona Customs with the Quest for Authentic Inculturation

BiAS 5:
Jacques Fulbert OWONO: Pauvreté ou paupérisation en Afrique - Une étude exegético-ethique de la pauvreté chez les Beti-Fang du Cameroun

BiAS 4 (2):

Joachim KÜGLER/ Masiiwa R. GUNDA (Ed.), From text to practice. The role of the Bible in daily living of African people today (BiAS 4), 2nd edition revised and expanded, Bamberg: UBP 2013.

BiAS 4:

Masiiwa Ragies GUNDA (ed.): From Text to Practice - The role of the Bible in daily living of African people today

BiAS 3:
Masiiwa Ragies GUNDA: The Bible and Homosexuality in Zimbabwe. A Socio-historical analysis of the political, cultural and Christian arguments in the homosexual public debate with special reference to the use of the Bible, Bamberg: UBP 2010

BiAS 2:
David BISHAU: Reign With Him for Thousand Years (Rev 20:6) - A Socio-Hermeneutical Exposition of Biblical and Contemporary Millenarian Movements in Zimbabwe as Radical Responses to Deprivation, Bamberg: UBP 2010

BiAS 1:
Lovemore TOGARASEI: The Bible in Context. Essay Collection, Bamberg: UBP 2009


"I do not know of any positive association with bias in English but I think it is ironical and I would suggest we keep it. My reasons are simple, first, there is indeed a lot of bias in the manner the Bible has been used in Africa, and Europe etc. BiAS would be an interesting series title for us. Second, the series is taking a deliberate decision to focus more on the Bible in Africa, which essentially is a bias also. I therefore think this title should clearly explain the core of what we are going to do, and maybe at the end of the series people will realise bias is not always bad."  (M.R. Gunda)

Die Reihe erscheint online (und teilweise gedruckt) im Verlag UNIVERSITY OF BAMBERG PRESS.
Herausgegeben wird BiAS von Joachim KÜGLER, Lovemore TOGARASEI und Masiiwa Ragies GUNDA
in Verbindung mit Ezra CHITANDO und Nisbert TARINGA.