Prof. Dr. Joachim Kügler
Bible in Africa Studies

The Bible is a real "global player". That's why Biblical Sciences willing to be catholic in a broader sense of the word, should be interested in what people in different countries, denominations and cultures do with the Bible. How do they understand these texts and what do they mean to them?
The Chair for New Testament Studies directs its interest especially to Africa, because the private, societal and political significance of the Bible is extremely high in many african countries.
In doing this research we rely on the cooperation of colleagues in Zimbabwe and Botswana. We are also connected to Cameroon.

Current research projects, done by african postgraduates:

  • Old Testament concepts of prophecy and the role of the Churches in Zimbabwe
  • (Honoured Taruona, Harare)
  • The Beatitude of the poor in the context of poverty in Cameroon (Jacques Fulbert Owono, Bayreuth)
  • The use of the Bible in the zimbabwean debate on homosexuality (Masiiwa Ragies Gunda, Bayreuth)
  • The role of the Old Testament in the debate on the the christian reception of Shona funeral rites (Canisius Mwandayi, Bayreuth)
  • Rulers Cult, New Testament Christology and rulers ideology in Zimbabwe today (Francis Machingura, Bamberg)
  • Biblical texts on slavery and the role of house workers in current Zimbabwe (Obvious Vengeyi, Bamberg)

We also are publishing a book series to inform about our research.

BiAS - Bible in Africa Studies

On the title of our series and the abbreviation BiAS that might cause misunderstandings:

"I do not know of any positive association with bias in English but I think it is ironical and I would suggest we keep it. My reasons are simple, first, there is indeed a lot of bias in the manner the Bible has been used in Africa, and Europe etc. BiAS would be an interesting series title for us. Second, the series is taking a deliberate decision to focus more on the Bible in Africa, which essentially is a bias also. I therefore think this title should clearly explain the core of what we are going to do, and maybe at the end of the series people will realise bias is not always bad."  (M.R. Gunda)

The volumes of BiAS will be published at UNIVERSITY OF BAMBERG PRESS online and partially printed.
BiAS is edited by
Joachim KÜGLER (Germany), Lovemore TOGARASEI (Botswana) and Masiiwa Ragies GUNDA (Germany/ Zimbabwe)

in cooperation with
Ezra CHITANDO and Nisbert TARINGA ( both Zimbabwe).

The editors invite all authors - african and non-african - to contribute their best studies on the Bible in Africa to this series. The online publishing is free and makes your ideas accessable to people all over the world - even to those who cannot afford to buy a book. If you are interested please contact one of the editors!